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imagine the first person who evolved a magikarp

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So i found out my earliest class on my schedule (Freshman Forum @ 11:00 am) is only until September and then its over than k g od 

and my ast class was p nice it was huge tho like 300 people, but it’s nice bc theres not crazy pressure to work with other people or be singled out and then my memory and monuments class was okay.  It sounds a bit boring but im hoping it will be a bit better and at least it will def help get me back into writing

so my school year so far seems p nice, not crazy about any of my classes except Greek and Roman Tragedies but not hating any of them either

have 30 minutes until my Italian class but idk where to go for it since they switched it to somewhere i didn’t even know existed and ugh this is gonna be terr

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phantompiper replied to your post “phantompiper replied to your post “so my first class went super well…”

I complained and they switched me to a class with a diff interpreter and some other deaf kids so hopefully it’ll be better. I was v upset.

well at least they took care of it, though that’s still really shitty that they did that in the first place

your first day should not have been like that, but I do hope today (or whnever your next class is) goes a ton better!

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hinoneko replied to your post “I will say college is 10x better so far than the school i went to….”

i went to a tiny school full of goody two-shoes and i can confirm that college is almost universally more pleasant than high school. there will be plenty of stressful moments but the environment itself is like a breath of fresh air.


like i’m already a bit stressed just bc i got a lot of reading to do already and it’s only the first day

but just walking around campus and being there or in the classrooms is just so relaxing and nice and i don’t feel like people are gonna harass me or as claustrophobic as i did in my high school and it’s just vvv nice

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Thanks bruhhhhhh B)


WHAT is happening HERE?

from what i can tell a silurian is checkin’ out ian chesterton and i feel that silurian like dang B)

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