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“My voice did not just crack. You did not hear that. Okay. Don’t rewind the video. Don’t..Don’t. Do not re-listen to that. My voice is perfectly fine. I am well beyond puberty. Well beyond it. Okay. I’m so far beyond it that I’m producing my own other humans. Children as a matter of fact. So don’t tell me that my voice cracked. It did a little bit.”

BdoubleO100 [Minecraft :: Up, Up & AwayAy!!!! :: Attack of the B-Team E38] (via themindcrackaquotes)

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“Then there’s “A Good Man Goes to War,” which is a sexist plot of ever I saw one. The drama is firmly rooted in straight-feminine baby-having, and the villain who defeats the Doctor is even a woman. At the end of the episode, the Doctor is subject to a scolding by his bitchy wife, who insists that she knows better and that he must not act the masculine hero role he embraced in the episode.”

Sexism: The Terrible Secret of Steven Moffats Doctor Who?

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i wish cracked would stop letting non-staff members make articles because they are almost always terrible

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Arkas and his bust. My first fan art <3

my brother can be such an infuriating shitbaby sometimes

i was showing him that horrible hello kitty video avril did and he brought up ke$ha and I said that she seemed like a really cool person and that it’s nice that she makes music that she enjoys making, even if i don’t like it and my brother keeps saying “but it’s shitty music” and i’m like okay but that’s beside the point it’s just good to see people making music that they have fun making and he just keeps saying it and then asking why im getting annoyed

like can yo uf ucking fuck off ple ase

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