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what's ur favorite song?


at the moment it’s Waves by Sleeper Agent

tho The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite by R.E.M. is a close second tbh

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still not sure if other people think the same that when the Dalek said “You are a good dalek” it didn’t mean “You would make a good dalek” but You are a GOOD dalek if u get me

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[tomodachi life mii voice] my confidence is at an all time low

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day 500006:  I have still not met a single queer person outside of my family irl

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today was vvvv nice 

The boy from my Italian Class and I hung out and studied Italian and we both were kinda meh at it so I didn’t feel like a loser lmao

but it was v fun we just chilled and talked and did some of the exercises in the book and he was at his work study job so we werent surrounded by 5000 people like in the libraries so it was v chill

i prob wouldn’t say we’re /friends/ but i’m hoping we will as we go along bc he’s super nice and pretty rad to hang out with

and i’m starting to feel a lot more confident in talking to people and being around new people especially now that we’ve hung out

here’s hoping we become friends B))

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those two aren't companions the doctor doesn't like soldiers he wouldn't have soldiers as companions who are those two one off characters they don't count








ooooh shit you have said this to the wrong person

*Clearing throat*

Sergeant John Benton and Captain Mike Yates were the Third Doctor’s companions and part of UNIT they were in the show from around Season 7 to 11 and Benton is in episodes in season 12 and 13 (also he was in season 6 and met the second Doctor, He was in The Three Doctors as well). Mike makes an “appearance” in The Five Doctors and is in Dimensions in Time. Ok so if you are going to say they are not companions well what the hell is this then imageThe what chronicles? the COMPANION CHRONICLES

now if you do not agree with me on this please go away i do not have time for people who do not love the UNIT boys.

Dear Anonymous: Even if you don’t think Benton and Yates count, Steven Taylor certainly does. And Steven was a soldier. He was a captured POW on Mechanus when he first encountered the Doctor and company.

Ok so I’m not sure if the Navy counts for that I guess so too, so we also have Ben Jackson who was a Sailor and Surgeon Lieutenant Harry Sullivan

And Turlough was in the military.

Jamie McCrimmon was a soldier, too.

As well as Sara Kingdom. Arguably Leela too - she wasn’t a soldier, but a warrior; still someone trained to fight and kill.

I agree 100% with this, however to be fair

The Doctor didn’t want Leela to travel with him, Ben snuck on to the Tardis, Harry Sullivan was more of a Army Surgeon than a soldier, Steven was also a stow away (and it can be debated that the Doctor would have let him on anyways, but most likely to save him since One was an ass but he still prob would have done it), Three was stuck with UNIT since he was left on Earth and didn’t have anything to do and grew close to them; he probably wouldn’t have worked with them if he didn’t feel he had to, the Doctor didn’t know about Turlough until a while after he joined the team, and Sara Kingdom went with them bc she wanted to help stop the Daleks and the Doctor needed her help.  

I’m not saying you aren’t making a point but the fact that people are saying “Petey c’s so out of character for saying that” or “he’s such a liar” is pretty wrong since he never willingly and knowingly took a soldier (other than Jamie, and in this case he didn’t want to leave Jamie to his death) on board with him.  I agree it’s stupid of him to complain about her being a soldier but I just felt I should make it clear that he really hasn’t willingly and knowingly taken a soldier/warrior on board with him unless it was to save their life or help them or receive help

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i literally do not understand people who think the Doctor being an ass to his companions is only a Moffat thing

this literally has been going on since the beginning, and has happened more times than I can count

and don’t say “wELL At least the y called him out for it before!!!!” bc no 

ur wrong

they sometimes did, but they didn’t always, often it was just portrayed as snark between the two like it is now so lets chill

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